In Lviv “Cheese and Wine Holiday” will be celebrated again!

      In Lviv “Cheese and Wine Holiday” will be celebrated again!

      From 17th to 20th of October IV City “Cheese and Wine Holiday” invites true gourmets to plunge into the world
      of cheeses and wines! Within three days holiday guests will be able to visit the Fair of cheeses and wines, at which products of great
      producers and importers and also regional organic products will be presented.

      Last year, for the first time, an ancient art of grapes’ suppression was mastered at the Festival. The organizers, famous artists and
      restaurateurs and also guests of the event crushed by feet about a ton of grapes. Thus, at “Cheese and Wine Holiday” the tradition of
      production of festival wine was initiated and this wine was creaming throughout the year. So, this autumn you have an exclusive opportunity
      to taste the festival wine of harvest of 2012 and visit the “Great masher of grapes”!

      And also all comers, taken advantage of services of postman of “Lviv wine post” will be able to send authorial wine Art-postcards of artists Ivanka and Oleksandr
      Voytovych.The highlight of this year’s “Cheese and Wine Holiday” will be the making of ancient symbol and toy —
      cheese grasshopper. National masters will share by old recipes and conduct workshops of true art of making children’s favorite cheese gift.

      True connoisseurs will be able to enjoy a variety of wines from renowned vineyards of Ukraine and wine markets during wine tastings, which will
      be held during the festival. Participants of tastings will be able to enjoy more than 40 kinds of wine. These drinks will be served with
      specially selected cheese, flavored homemade cakes and elite grapes.

      Also, traditionally, at the Festival baking of the giant Lviv cheesecake will be held. Cheesecake will be prepared by famous Lviv restaurateurs using
      old recipes and all present at the festival will be treated by it! Organizers
      of the “Cheese and Wine Holiday” will offer you not only taste and buy cheese dishes, but also try to cook them by yourself during culinary
      master classes. All guests of the holiday with their families will be able to take part in them during these festival days.

      Enjoy cheese and wine and food to wine you can on true wine casks that will act as tables. Suitable surroundings will be created by bales of straw
      that can be used as comfortable soft seats.
      On the occasion of the Holiday special festival newspaper will be released. Cheese and Wine horoscope, mass of interesting and useful
      facts about cheese and wine, interviews with celebrities, many recipes of mulled wine and cheese dishes will wait for you in this issue.
      “Cheese and Wine Holiday” will be a good opportunity to learn more about the culture of cheese making and traditions of winemaking in Lviv, visit the
      fair, fun, diverse entertainment actions, interactive, contests, concerts of folk groups and certainly taste hundreds of kilos of cheese
      and drink the best wine.

      Holiday is waiting for true gourmets!