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  • there only is off topic #1 and i can't ask there

    i'm in the states

    • - log in....

      ....left upstairs,..pictogramm "10 years Forum Ukraine" ....push,....u will see "last activities"....again left upstairs in the headline ....dashboard - look for 'off topic 2 (first OT is closed) or an other theme....more i can't say for now, no idea why it dosn't run

  • site funktioniert nich?

    • hier mus ich schreien?

    • interesting site. works likely like whatsapp

    • Hi,...better in english or also in deutsch ?'re not blocked,...if u like to write smth, please in the right treahd.

      Languages are mostly deutsch, ukrainian + russian...or use an translater web tool welcome !wsmile!

    • better in english. german language is a little difficult for me. don't understand what a right tread you've been talking abaout. i only have teh possibility to write here.

    • alll i click on brings this:

      Access Denied

      Insufficient Permissions

      Access denied. You’re not authorized to view this page.